PREVOST-IBI ATTORNEYS AT LAW was born in 2005 from the will of his founding partner to create a law firm enable to bring to its customers, companies of the private sector and public, small and medium-sized enterprises, public authorities, professional organizations, institutions, associations and foundations, professional solutions adapted to the needs for each.

The credibility of the offer of PREVOST-IBI ATTORNEYS AT LAW bases on its capacity to be watched the professional character of the solutions brought to the customers, by the understanding of the context and the objectives to reach, and so, to insure a quality work and reactive.

To insure this service, PREVOST-IBI ATTORNEYS AT LAW registers its performances in a quality management. It promotes systematically methods of production which guarantee a qualitative approach of the supplied services.

PREVOST-IBI ATTORNEYS AT LAW consists of a team which masters in a complementary way the skills necessary for the cover of a very wide field of intervention.

Besides the control of the knowledge and a complete access to the legal information, PREVOST-IBI ATTORNEYS AT LAW has for permanent concern to understand the economic environment in which evolves each of its customers, in particular in support of the perspectives of development of the affairs through its offices implanted in Paris and Geneva on a solid and developed French-speaking axis through multiple banking partners, investors and other speakers, but also in support of its numerous relays.

PREVOST-IBI ATTORNEYS AT LAW intervenes in both components of its business, the advice and the dispute. It can so offer to his customers a relevant offer established on these various areas of competence.

This is the way PREVOST-IBI ATTORNEYS AS LAW, fort of its values, intends to pursue the development of a successful and innovative structure.